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29-03-2018, 13:17
Hello gang!

Due to some personal and professional issues, I was forced to retreat most of my online presence, including what little development I was doing for PCARS. I apologize, especially to anyone who might have been using the static data API, but without going into details for legal reasons, I didn't really have much of a choice.

I'm wondering where UDP support in Project CARS 2 stands right now. When I left it was in a poor state. I'm not sure if I have the time or motivation to get back into development, but something that might push me one way or the other would be knowing the state of UDP support. Has it matured and improved?

Thank you!

29-03-2018, 14:28
I don't think it has changed much since day 1. The 3rd party apps like Crew Chief and vrHive still use the PC1 UDP structs. I suppose SMS have had bigger fish to fry.

29-03-2018, 17:07
What Schnizz58 said. I asked about this a couple weeks ago to inquire why we on consoles still have to choose UDP Protocol "Project Cars 1" for a game which is "Project Cars 2" still so long after release but myself and the developers of 3rd party apps such as Crew Chief etc have yet to get response or satisfactory response from the developers/technical team of the game apparently.

29-03-2018, 18:58
Just to be clear, SMS *have* worked on it quite a lot and it's improved considerably since the initial release. However, there are still issues with bugs and the documentation isn't great. It may work for you but as fewer app developers are actively using it, you have to expect some unexpected issues.

A couple of undocumented (breaking) changes were made for patch 1.3, which would have been a right pain for me if I'd been using it. There was no response from SMS about this for a few weeks. Once it's working better and stabilised I'll go back to it but I'm not holding my breath - all the pre-release talk about supporting app developers turned out to be bollocks

02-04-2018, 14:45
That's disappointing but not surprising. PCARS2 felt rushed, including the app support, and with limited time and resources, it makes sense for SMS to focus on improving other areas of the package.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

28-05-2018, 18:14
Just wondering if any changes where made to UDP in patch 5 or due in 6 so maybe app developers can start to use UDP 2?

28-05-2018, 21:28
Just wondering if any changes where made to UDP in patch 5 or due in 6 so maybe app developers can start to use UDP 2?
I would also like to know if come patch 6 it will have been ironed out sufficiently for developers to implement and users can finally choose UDP2 for Pcars 2.