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30-03-2018, 16:04
Hello, the snow tracks to me looks a normal track just covered in white. Real snow should spill all around the place and cover completely the drive behind view! Im not talking for snow storm, but a track covered in snow and ice in a sunny day.

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30-03-2018, 16:11
yeah that's not a physics thing, its a particle effect thing, similar to the 'spray' when driving in rain.

30-03-2018, 17:45
The game doesn't have that level of snow, we have small layer of snow on top of the track or ice, straight up ice circuit. With no snow on top of it.

We should get some spray, but nothing close to your example. Unless of course the sun causes the thin layer of snow to thaw, meaning it gets a lot more glued to the ground (and the spray is 100% liquid water).