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01-04-2018, 13:23
There are much contradictory information in Internet about adaptors that allow the use of the Fanatec in the XBox One. What is the truth about it ? Is it possible to use Fanatec GT2 ou CSR in XBox One through an adaptor ? If so, which one ?

01-04-2018, 21:17
pretty sure their website tells you which wheels work with Xbox and which don't.

01-04-2018, 22:07
Yes, their website ( FANATEC ) tells which wheels work with XBox, but these websites don't mention any adaptors. This is probably because these adaptors are manufactured by a third party. These adaptors exist but I don't know if they really work. For this reason I consulted this forum. I hope that somebody in this forum has tried the adaptors and can say something about them.

02-04-2018, 00:18
What you are asking about is the Cronus Max Drivehub. Yes it works, yes its worth it. Their site states what wheels will work. I run one on my Fanatec V2.5 to use on PS4 and it works flawless.

09-04-2018, 21:28
Although I can't comment on the Fanatec I am using the DriveHub for my T300 on the One X and it works perfectly .

Trippul G
06-05-2018, 02:25
Interesting. I just found out about this device (DriveHub). I'd love to be able to use my Fanatec GT2 wheel that I used to use with my Xbox 360, with my Xbox One. If DriveHub actually works as advertised without any issues, $90 seems like it would be money well spent.

The only issue I have (and it's a fairly big one) is that CronusMax doesn't exactly have a favorable reputation when it comes to other games such as CoD, The Division, etc...users of their "CronusMax Plus" are able to do all sorts of ethically questionable things such as eliminating gun recoil, firing semi-auto weapons at full-auto, with laserlike precision, etc. I'm not at all cool with that sort of thing, as in my eyes that is unquestionably cheating and users of such devices should be banned.

I really don't want to support a company that manufactures a device that advocates cheating. While DriveHub appears to only be an adaptor, and does not seem to offer the possibility of any cheats or other unfair advantages, I'm a little bit concerned that if at some point in the future, Microsoft and/or Sony do decide to take action against things such as CronusMax Plus, that they might unilaterally disallow use of ALL their devices.

I don't know, maybe I'm just being paranoid and overly idealistic. If it will let me use my favorite wheel with my favorite games, maybe I should just buy it and turn a blind eye to their other business dealings.


06-05-2018, 02:27
Buy it, dont be a vagina. Your $90 isnt going to matter lol

Trippul G
06-05-2018, 13:21
Buy it, dont be a vagina. Your $90 isnt going to matter lol

Once again, I'm reminded why I don't visit these forums often anymore. Thanks for your eloquent input. :rolleyes:

06-05-2018, 13:50
Once again, I'm reminded why I don't visit these forums often anymore. Thanks for your eloquent input. :rolleyes:

Cmon man, its a video game forum, not a first date.

If you do not want to support the company because they sell other devices that people can cheat with that is fine. At the end of the day though, your $90 isnt going to matter to them. I am sure you buy things everyday from companies that do questionable things and not even know it. Its not a big deal. Either you buy the device or if you are that morally worried about it, you do not. Its very simple. I think you are looking way too much into this and being over paranoid thinking that Microsfot/Sony will do something to "ban" the device from working. Its just a bit of a stretch.

You made this post and asked us for our thoughts. Just buy it and do not think twice. Its not like you are sending $$$ to a company that slaughters puppies or something. Its for a videogame.....

Trippul G
15-05-2018, 02:49
Ok so I've pretty much made the decision to go ahead and make the purchase. One question though, what are you guys doing for game/party chat? Can I plug a headset into a second controller? Would that work while racing? It's honestly been so long since I've used my wheel, that I forget what I used to do for chat on the 360.

Trippul G
20-05-2018, 03:23
For the record, I got my DriveHub today in the mail. Set it up with my Fanatec GT2 and Clubsport v1 pedals.

At first, my XB1 didn't recognize the wheel, so I downloaded a firmware update for the DH. Whether that was the answer, or simply because I turned things on in a slightly different order the second time...bottom line, I got things working, and tbh they felt pretty damn good straight out of the box.

I made sure to calibrate wheel and pedals, then I settled on Raw Flavour, and dropped both the Volume and the FX down to 30 (I tend to like a lighter wheel with a more subtle feel).

So far, every car I've tried has felt great with just the default stable setups, which was definitely NOT always the case when using a controller. So far I've tried the Ginetta Jr at Catalunya National, the Super Trofeo at Algarve, the Honda LMP2 at Le Mans, Formula Renault and Formula C at Imola, and the 911 GT3 RS at Long Beach. The Formula C was the only one I had a bit of trouble with, it didn't seem to like it if I got on the brakes late and needed to turn at the same time, or if I got heavy on the throttle midway through a medium to low speed corner. But I remember it was like that with a controller too, only WAY worse. Like, undrivable-with-default-setups worse. So at least now it's drivable...that's a plus. lol

Overall, I've gotta say, I'm pretty pleased. No real issues with the DH so far (granted, I've only had it less than a day). The biggest problem I have currently is figuring out the best way to manage all the cables and power cords for everything so that I don't get caught up or rip something out by accident.

Oh and for the record, game/party chat works fine if you just use a second controller and plug your headset into that. Ideally, you'd want to plug the controller in so that it doesn't go to sleep while you're playing. I can't do that though, since the DH is plugged into the side port, and I have an external HDD plugged into the rear port. I'll probably look into getting a cheap USB 3.0 hub sometime soon, and that should fix things.

Overall, this is just an absolute gift to be able to use my wheel again, given that I had long since written it off. The fact that it works so well is a very welcome bonus.