View Full Version : Looking for serious players/leagues/events in Asia Oceania (GMT +7, +8, +9, +10), PS4

02-04-2018, 13:52

Located in Taiwan and Japan, we are 2 serious players looking for others players/leagues/events in Asia Oceania (GMT +7, +8, +9, +10).
Mainly playing GT3 but open minded to start training in others categories.

Feel free to answer this post so we can find each other online later.

If you have some information regarding what we are looking for, thank you for sharing.

Have nice races !

02-04-2018, 15:10
Hi gregory

That's what I am looking for in HK (GMT+8). Please add my PSN: trc_cowboy

We could probably build something up from scratch.


02-04-2018, 15:16
Im happy to join when I can. I'm from Sydney, GMT +10. PSN ID is micmansour

03-04-2018, 02:59

My psn id is :gregcor16
My brother psn id is : adjudantx57

I will add you as friend tonight.

So mainly we are playing GT3 on Cataluna, Monza, Laguna, and slowly we try to practice more as Nurburgreen, SPA francorchamp...
We have have a bit experience with Mitsubishi Evo IX as we started to play with that before heading up to GT3.

We are both between E1350 and E1450, so we try to limit our lobby to E minimum in order to get clean races.

Please enable the spotter as 'always' when you're playing, as well as the proximity indicator to avoid contact as much as possible.

I will be available this weekend 4/7 and 4/8 almost all day long (morning to dinner time).

On weekdays I might be available sometimes from 9pm to midnight, GMT+8, for 1 or 2 short races maximum.

If you are ok with the above, feel free to let me know your favorite tracks, playing habits, available times...