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03-04-2018, 16:34
Hey Jussi,

Love the work you have done for the community, you definitely inspired me to work on PC2Tuner. I know your kinda the handling spokesman for SMS. Is there anyway we could get data on the base CG and Roll Centers for the default setups? If so that'd be amazing hahah. I know it's a long shot but if we had the data we could calculate our body roll and determine appropriate sway bar settings.

I do my calculations using the replay tool and just trying to "eye" the amount of roll while the car is set in the turn which is a very crude way of doing it, I'd much rather calculate my moment about the CG in the roll axis. It would be amazing for the modding community especially those like us who create tuning tools such as your calcator, or PC2Tuner. Which ultimately bring more immersion to the sim and enrich the community.

03-04-2018, 17:29
I've forwarded your request but keep in mind that i don't know if what you ask will be possible...

03-04-2018, 17:41
Awesome, I really appreciate that!!!!!! and Im not going to keep my hopes up. I know it's probally not possible to distribute, but I thought I'd throw a hell marry as doing it the analog way is driving me insane lol.

Casey Ringley
03-04-2018, 20:53
This is something Jussi has been bugging me for recently too. :) It's not super easy to pull that info with the structure of our data files, but it did prompt creation of a new spreadsheet that is totally overkill (and I love it :)) Kind of a slow process with lots of manual data entry for the pickup points. Hit us with any cars you are most interested in and we could add this to the to-do list. Result is this kind of data:


03-04-2018, 21:24
........ I can't tell you how much my engineering parts are tingling at that beautiful spreadsheet!!!!!!!!!!!

That roll center vs cg height is exactly what I was looking for, knowing lateral acceleration I can calculate my lateral force in the corner, knowing my roll center and cg difference, I can identify my moment around the center of gravity, and then I can calculate what a good anti sway bar stiffness would be to balance out the summation of moments, obviously kinda a over simplification but would atleast get me in the ball park for sizing of sway bars.