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04-04-2018, 17:16
Hello, can we have a response about a SMS dev on this post : http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?55359-Community-ambassador-trophy-stll-realistic

Thank's !

04-04-2018, 18:22
The last one is called "Final Parade Lap" which sounds like the ne of active SMS involvement on Project CARS 1.

07-04-2018, 10:49
So, any info about SMS and the add of new PC1 event ?

22-04-2018, 14:34
I don't think we'll get more community events. It's a shame how the developers announced they were already working on the second game, about 3 months after the first game was released. That instantly gave me a very negative vibe. I didn't make the transition towards the second game, since the graphical downgrade was too much for me to bear. I'm still going strong on Project CARS 1.

If there are people out there still playing the game, as I am, and are interested in playing online every now and then, just say something.

21-11-2018, 17:30
need a few more events…. anyone else?