View Full Version : Setup seem to go away

04-04-2018, 18:55
Everytime I get a good handling and sticky setup in every car and go away for a week or two, then come back, those setup just don't work anymore. This gets very frustrating, and it's the third
time in P2. What is going on. I know some are going to say it time of day and weather, but if I make setting as close as possible too the previous time the result is the same. I cant keep cars on
the track, times are way down for the same number of test laps. :mad:

04-04-2018, 19:12
maybe you need a few extra laps to get your groove back after your week or two off. are you playing other sims in that off-time? I always need some extra seat time to readjust to games after some days away.

05-04-2018, 17:36
i had a similar issue like this.. Abewoz mentioned on a post of mine to always load the setup for every session. That has worked so far so good for me.

16-04-2018, 11:00
Also, if your previous testing was done before patch 5 and new tests after patch 5, there are multiple threads about something wrong in the patch regarding setups and/or differing conditions making old setups not work any longer

21-04-2018, 15:45
When i created a setup for the Ferrari 488 GT car, ready for a 4 hour race, i left it for a few days, come back the game had a hotfix patch and my setup disappeared!
Needless to say i was not impressed, i had to try and create one off the fly with what i remembered from the setup the game deleted.