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05-04-2018, 17:38

Excuse me for disturbing you but I had to buy the version at the beginning of project cars 2 at 110 £ and normally I should be able to skins except that I have the template download in PSD via the forum, but nothing in the game so I I bought a game and still not skins someone can help me ????????
Or do I have to pay extra for the right to have the liverys

Thank you Lone Wolf Commander

10-04-2018, 07:03

There is no one who can help me or tell me who to contact in order to settle
problem of livery files please.


10-04-2018, 08:00
Your first post is not too easy to understand (for me).

What I understood:
- You are on PC
- You downloaded (let's stick with one) PSD file
- Whatever you want to show up in game does not show up

- As you want to see something in game, I guess you painted it the way you want it to look with Photoshop/Gimp/etc
- Did you save your livery to .../steamapps/common/Project Cars 2/Vehicles/Textures/CustomLiveries? Did you save it as .dds file? Did you flatten the image before saving?

14-04-2018, 20:58

Yes I know all that must be done because already made skins on PCARS 1 who are in the game and win a contest.
But the problem is that on the PCARS 2 I am the liverys that does not appear to be so that at the beginning I had them since I pay the game £ 110.
And when I browse the liveries in the game I'm not the custom liverys so how is it?

Thank you in advance for your answer.



Oui je connais tous se qu'il faut faire car déjà fait des skins sur PCARS 1 qui sont dans le jeux et gagner un concour .
Mais la le problème c'est que sur le PCARS 2 je n'est les liverys qui n'apparaisse nul par alors qu'au début je les avais puisque j'ai payer le jeux 110 £.
Et quand je fait parcourir les livrée dans le jeux je n'est pas le custom liverys donc comme cela se fait-il?

Merci d'avance pour votre réponse.

15-04-2018, 00:27
Can you take a screenshot or video to show the problem you are having?

15-04-2018, 04:35
Hello again
So here are the screenshouts you ask me
And when I'm in the showroom to choose my livery I'm not even the liveries that appears ???? while on the two pictures after we see that I have the liveries but it does not appear in the game while I watch videos on youtube they all have their liveries that appear where they have can choose his livery.




Thank you in advance for your answer.

15-04-2018, 09:27
Do U check your game files with Steam launcher ?

15-04-2018, 23:16
The psd files are templates for work. To use it in pCars1/2, it must be exported as .dds files.

read this:

16-04-2018, 12:43
Ok thank you Cartman and satco1066 I will put all in dds and we will see if have the way thanks to you I'll keep you informed THX;)

19-04-2018, 02:18
Thank you all for your help, it's good that seems to walk, for cons my game is still under the name Phoénix or him project Cars 2 is serious pzd that disturbs in nothing I still hope thank you .
See you soon with skins and @ Cartman78 can see you soon on this game or other;)

20-04-2018, 02:23
I wish the PS4 pc2 had a livery editor then I wouldn't have to use the one on GT SPORT

29-04-2018, 21:11
@mcooley9891: Hi ben you can make your livery as on the X BOX ONE, it's been more time than on PC but it is possible with the form provided Etc ......