View Full Version : Future of PC2 API

07-04-2018, 01:56
As the memorymapped data and UDP data are not the same at the moment, which one should we go for, so that in the future we don't have to change the approach? Which is the one that SMS will be updating more?

I'd guess it would be the UDP because of consoles, but can we have some info on the matter?

08-04-2018, 17:52
I would love to know this. I'm trying to make a new Telemetry app, assuming that the old apps were not leveraging the latest API versions, but there are many things missing. I'm not sure if either is being that actively developed. Examples are

* Aero damage is returned as a single number, but its 2 in the game (2 wings). The values returned for wings are static throughout the telemetry, and seem to relate to the setup, so a degree of unneeded overhead in each frame
* Tyre temperature is displayed in game across 3 strips; outside, middle, inside. Which there are many tyre temps returned in the MMF none of them appear to be these values, instead they relate to the depth from the outer circumference towards the wheel itself.

I've been super hyped to try and create something awesome with PC2, but it seems a struggle to get some of the fields that you see in game

09-04-2018, 21:50
Also it would be neat to know actual track altitude, since world postition is relative to some place on track for precision reasons, apparently.
So one more field like track altitude offset would be neat to just sum them..