View Full Version : TT lap time anomaly

09-04-2018, 05:23
on PC TT at Indy. best time 39.620 with my setup. lapping around 39.8 or so consistently. i noticed the ghost position varies lap to lap and can shift position radically forward and backward going down the straight in front of me. doesnt happen every lap. on one lap i was ahead of ghost which is impossible as its a 38.2 and splits said i was 0.8 sec up on best time? the ghost appeared down back straight and blew me away for the rest of the lap but i was credited with the fast time? so now my PB is 38.9? obviously not a real time. ive seen lag times when racing online and wonder if it might be something similar here. im on crappy Australian internet about 3.5Mbps if it matters. tried the 38.2 setup and got similar times to mine.