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09-04-2018, 11:06
I have been reading a lot on this topic in this forum and trying to gain an understanding watching Yorkie's youtube videos. However, things still do not make sense and I need more information.

A little background information- I Use controller, I am trying to drive GT3 bmw and/or corvette, the car becomes uncontrollable in certain turns but is totally great everywhere else. Examples of uncontrollable turns are Spa's big hill, Watkins Glen turn 2 and 3, and quite a few more on numerous tracks. It seems like while under compression is where the issue is, the back end of the car wants to kick out, which is CRAZY, the car is under compression....

I attempt different ride heights, bumpstop, and spring stiffness settings and notice improvements once my ride height is CRAZY high, but then I'm lapping way slower.

So what is the 'height' telemetry saying? My car above the ground? or my car above the limit of suspension compression? because I have made conflicting observations.
When 'travel' flashes red sometimes the ride height and travel look totally normal, so what is the red really telling me? (sure isn't the car hitting the ground or bump stop reaching it's limit)

Thanks to any who help!

09-04-2018, 11:42
Kind of hard to tell without knowing your exact setup.
If you've added downforce on the front, you might get rid of understeer but it will add oversteer. Same for stiffness, reduce stiffness at the front results in less understeer but gives you more oversteer.
You need to balance it out, if you add downforce on the front, add downforce in the rear aswell. If you lower front springs, lower rear springs aswell. That is, in case it results in oversteer.

Also, tyres behave differently since the latest patch. Check you're driving with the correct tyres and makes sure you drive a couple of laps to get them up to temp and get the proper pressures.