View Full Version : Dont get DLC items

09-04-2018, 15:21
Hey all.

I have got bought the Collectors edition, and redeemed the season pass code, but I dont get the latest DLC items. How to check if my season pass is still on my account? I think it is gone.

09-04-2018, 15:29
have you gone thru the microsoft store and made due that they downloaded and installed fully?

09-04-2018, 16:17
Have you gone to the 'manage game items' tab? If you hit the menu button when hover over the PCars 2 tile it should come up and show you what you have installed

09-04-2018, 17:51
As they said, the season pass gives you the right to have access to the packs, it doesn't download them for you. (Since the packs contains nothing more than an authorization for the game to show you the cars)