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Ragin Norwin
09-04-2018, 17:45

i wish to set 120 FOV Chase Camera and after that adjust the Camera around my Car so it fits my Personal likes.

1. Problem is i can do that. BUT after i leave the Game and come Back its Resetted to the Standard Values.

2. Problem is after i Pressed CTRL+K i cant leave that "mode". That means i cant use my Camera Stick for normal Purposes (look around) using my Right Stick moves the Camera around but he dont centre from alone after i realese the Right Stick.

Is there a way that i can:

Adjust the Camera, save that Setting and leave the Camera Mode?

If the first Point is Possible, can i Reset my Settings back to Standard Values later if i change my Mind?

Thx for your Help!



09-04-2018, 17:54
You can adjust the FOV for each camera via the camera settings menu.

Ctrl + K is designed as a 'developer' camera to give great freedom to inspect track/car details. Settings made using Ctrl + K are NOT saved and will be reset at each session.

09-04-2018, 19:19
2. Use CTRL+K 2x to go out of that mode. So, 1x to enter that mode, another time and you stay in that mode and at the 3rd press you're out of that mode.

Ragin Norwin
09-04-2018, 20:08
Thx i know that but i dislike the "Angle" and the "distance to the car" from the "120 FOV" Chase Camera. I wish the 120 FOV with a different angle and distance.
THX a lot!


I testet the different settings with a friend and we found that FOV 92 is the best Compromise between Speed feel and fishbowl FOV. But we must change ever ?Event? the Camera Angel and Car Distance to the Camera with CTRL+K. Thats not Perfect but ok. Hopefully the Developer look deeper in the Camera Setting from the Chasecam.