View Full Version : Trying to understand real weather

10-04-2018, 07:11
Hello guys.

We're looking into running real weather for an upcoming season of our league, and a few things are not entirely clear to us.

If I select real weather when creating an online event, it will fill up 4 weather slots with forecast data. So for example right now for a 24h session at COTA, it will use [ heavy cloud -> medium cloud -> clear -> clear ]

Does this mean the weather slots are predetermined before the session starts and will not change? Or, to rephrase, If slot two is set by real weather forecast to medium cloud, but it starts raining at the track, what will we see in-game?

As the game fills 4 slots, and selects weather progression to real time, does this mean after 4h, the weather slots have all gone through? what happens after roughly 4 hours?

And finally a question not related to real weather: Does accelerating weather progression also accelerate transitions? i.e. will a track get wet twice as quick and temperature fall twice as quickly if rain sets in with 2x weather progression?

We'd really appreciate some answers, as we're loving the weather system and the changes it causes to the track and handling, and would really like to understand our options.

Bill Kerman