View Full Version : [RESOLVED] Missing Porsche DLC

10-04-2018, 15:25
Hi all,

I am a season pass owner and I just wanted to try out some of the Porsche DLC cars for the first time but somehow they are missing from my game.
I know exactly that I have seen the Porsche Leipzig Test Track in the track listings some days before but that is gone also. In Steam it says that it is installed.
Has anybody an idea what could cause this?

10-04-2018, 15:34
make sure to not have any of the motorsports presets selected.

also, are you trying to do private testing or a race? if a race, the 2 new Leipzig layouts do not have pit boxes so testing only probably.

Select cars > Select Porsche and the new DLC cars should have a green logo/symbol on them. Snap a screenshot and post it here if able.

11-04-2018, 06:57
Thanks. A steam check of the files was the solution in my case.