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11-04-2018, 00:26
Really enjoying the game after the updates and improvements! One irritation (which doesnít effect my enjoyment of the game) is that SMSís inability to track stats accurately has carried over from the first game.

- Yesterday I did a lot of solo runs around Ruapuna and noticed that even though I was using the 1.3km layout the stats tracker counted the distance as if I was running the full 3km circuit. So after 10 laps each in two different cars the distance in each was 30km instead of 13km.

- Today I did 3 custom races of about 25mins duration each. In the stats section it counted the 3 races but not the distance or time spent racing. Checking the affinity screen there was no acknowledgement of my having driven the 3 different vehicles that I used.

Itís pointless really having those stats available when they are not even tracked properly, they bear no resemblance at all now to time spent, kilometres driven or cars used.