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11-04-2018, 21:17
Just figured out how to turn all this telemetry stuff. Iím not sure if itís overly critical to use or not yet. Especially being so new to the game and still early in the career mode. Thereís a lot of info to absorb and make good use of. And figuring out all the things that impact those ratings. Iíve done some research today and have a decent grasp of what itís telling me.

Iíll definitely have to record a free practice session and review the footage for a while first.

11-04-2018, 21:50
Overall I find 3rd party telemetry apps to be more useful. However I'll pop into the telemetry HUD once in a while to check tire temps or something like that. It's too much information all at once to try to absorb and drive at the same time. With the offline apps you can compare one lap to another, see where you're losing time and usually see why.

11-04-2018, 22:52
I checked them out and appear to only have one choice with my current range of devices.

11-04-2018, 23:07
I mostly use 3rd party telemetry too with vrhive on my pc recording all of my sessions from the xbox. It's nice to have and basically one click to get started.

I do use the in-game telemetry for a few things that you might find useful.

Force Feedback Widget
If you are adjusting your ffb settings, keep an eye on the rightmost bar filling up with red. This will mean your force feedback is clipping (too much signal) and you are loosing detail.

HP Gauge
This is in the bottom right corner. You can use this to determine your best shift point. There are a some good threads on this here (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?55865-Calculate-the-optimal-shift-points) and here (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?60256-When-to-shift-gear).

Tyre Temps
You can use the tyre temps from outer/middle/inner to adjust your pressure and camber correctly. This is one of the more basic things you can tune because the numbers tell you what to do. It's also something your should recheck and adjust after most other tuning changes you make to the car. You could use an easy guide like Setup your car in 21 steps (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?55483-SETUP-GUIDE-Setup-your-car-in-21-steps) to get started with this, or there are other similar guides.

11-04-2018, 23:35
Yeah, there are some very confused people regarding proper shifting.

12-04-2018, 05:04
Brake temps, tyre temps, suspension travel- you can observe these in real time so quite useful on warm up laps or to see what effect your driving style has through a corner for example, or whether you need to fine tune camber on a particular corner on the car. Otherwise like everyone else I use a third party app.

Somewhat interestingly- in Yorkies guide to PC2 which is stickied, he says pressures have a far less significant impact on temps than in PC1. Driving style is the main input that effects this (obviously once track and ambient temp are taken into account). Thinking this then, the HUD telemetry is useful if you start cooking your tyres for determining in real time how much you need to back off.

As regds the third party stuff- you end up with lots of traces so what next? Well if you are going through a corner and you see you got on the throttle earlyu then got off it before going back on for example, it enables you to see if theres an issue there like are you looking in the right place, is your line optimised etc. Also in Pcars Profiler you can select which trace to look at and the grip one is quite handy. I use this to see if there are any coarse corrections required to brake balance and pressure early on- am I locking up, is it at the front or rear, which tyres and from how much brake input...

So it all has a role to play if its used intelligently, but you don't need it to be fast. Its just useful and more efficient.

12-04-2018, 05:12
Since I mostly do hotlaps on Time Attack, I find it largely needless. Like racing with a clean UI, and the cars often give you everything you need on the dash!

12-04-2018, 09:22
With RS Dash my only third party option I’m not convinced an outside app is the best solution right now.

12-04-2018, 10:30
With RS Dash my only third party option I’m not convinced an outside app is the best solution right now.

RS Dash is brilliant, I highly recommend it. It even saves your lap data to the cloud so you can view you sessions at any times with graphs etc. Well worth the money in my opinion, it has great support and is constantly evolving.

12-04-2018, 18:27
With RS Dash my only third party option I’m not convinced an outside app is the best solution right now.

Do you not have a pc on the same network as your PS4? If not, then yes, your choices would be a bit limited. There are new ones being developed all the time. I've found a few projects on GitHub in various states of completion that are actively being worked on too.

It's definitely not required though. Some of us just enjoy that part of it, but don't feel like you need it to drive well.

12-04-2018, 18:34
No, PC. I have a Mac but not PC.

12-04-2018, 18:47
No, PC. I have a Mac but not PC.

There's a project on github I've been following called pcars2-telemetry-browsing (https://github.com/nabezokodaikon/pcars2-telemetry-browsing). It's a java app (written in scala actually) that consumes the udp telemetry and serves a webpage with the data. This can be run on a mac. There is actually a start script in the release for running on mac.

Check the releases tab on that page, and download the latest release zip and give it a try. It was easy to run last time I tried it. Keep in mind that it's in development.