View Full Version : [RESOLVED] Setup disappeared

12-04-2018, 09:11
I'm just getting into changing setups, so apologies if this is a stupid question. I'm in the GT3s in career and am literally on the last race of the world championship. I've been editing a setup since the first race of the first championship, saving every change to it. Called it Base30 (yeah I've been watching the Yorkie guides!) and it's been going great. However I wanted to see what values the default stable setup had for a specific variable, so I loaded it up to check, went to go back to my Base30 and it just isn't there! The setup has completely gone. I can't remember what a lot of the values were so if it has genuinely been lost then its hours of work down the drain and I'm back to square one. Any ideas?

12-04-2018, 09:49
Make sure that you're not confused by the track-specific vs global set-up saving, i.e. you may have to look in a different place for the set-up.

12-04-2018, 13:05
Cheers, I'll double check that. Would the setup stay on the car when I moved to a different track though if I'd saved it as track specific by accident?

12-04-2018, 15:10
Actually it's an ongoing thing - I'm in a different car now, saved my setup with a name, then loaded up a default setup, then went back to load the one I had saved 30 seconds earlier and it's not there. So it's just not saving any setups... that's going to basically make the game unplayable.

Edit: Wait, are they saved by mode? I tried again in a different car and I saw it actually show the setup I'd saved in the Load menu (I named it 'test'), but it had removed the default setups (is that supposed to happen?). When I went from career to time trial the car had that setup on but it wasn't in the Load menu, and it wouldn't let me save a setup with the same name (test). I saved one as test2, went back to career, and I can load test but not test2. This doesn't quite explain why previously I had a setup disappear from in career mode, but at least I'm learning how it works.

Edit again: Oh shit I'm an idiot :D When I'm using the d-pad going up and down the All Track-This Track menu, I have to then hit A to 'enter' that option, I was just hitting right on the d-pad to move across, so yeah I had setups in the track specific, and the default ones are in all tracks.