View Full Version : Japanese Street Trophy, All cars undrivable when the rain kicks in.

12-04-2018, 23:37
Im playing on 100 Difficulty, 80% aggression, on this setting i do not have much of a problem in racing against the AI,

I was just attempting the japanese street trophy since the latest patch, and once the rain kicks in it doesn't matter which car im in it becomes undrivable in the wet weather on sugo,
I was set to use the soft pirelli tyres on all cars, track temps are around 63 oC, in the dry im having a good time, in front of the AI in, control of the car but once that Rain kicks in the tyres go from green\blue to total blue, and on the rear the back end of the car always wants to step out on the corners, again on any given car,
What have i done to counter this? Well softening the rear anti roll bar as much as possible, lowered tyre pressures to 26psi, traction control is set to 10% slip, soften rear springs as far as possible.

I struggle and the AI just coasts round, they give me a nudge, im off the track and they go past and im in last place.

I think its something thats slipped under the radar during patching and needs addressing.

An Evo 9 should not be sliding off the track on a corner at 50 mph in the rain in the manner that it does. as an example.

14-04-2018, 07:05
On street cars soft tyres suit only for dry track or slight rain when the road has not yet become visibly wet.

Hard tyres work best in the rain. Medium tyres work quite well until puddles start forming.

14-04-2018, 07:45
You have to use hard tires on heavy rain and puddles man. Softs and mediums, on wet conditions work well under light rain only.

Trophy softs are not meant for drifting btw

14-04-2018, 07:55
Try embracing the back end stepping out and drive it like an FWD car (either of the evo's). Have you ever driven the clio cup car or one of the fwd touring cars around there? It's like that. You hit the brake to let the rear step out and then give it more throttle to guide it around the corner.

Try the stable setup and modify the centre diff to set Rear Power Balance to 0%. You might want to try it without traction control too if you have it enabled. I've never driven that car before and just tried it with stable setup with only the diff change and medium tyres. With AI at 100/100, I was able to keep my position when it started raining. Just try for very smooth inputs when the rain starts and if the rear starts to slide, look where you want to go and add throttle. Once you get the hang of that, it won't bother you to lose the rear end.