View Full Version : Sanity check: AI rain pace at Spa

13-04-2018, 19:43
I don't usually have too much trouble racing in the rain. At Spa, however, the AI is kicking my ass in the rain, even though my pace is good in the dry. I fell from position 9 to the back of the pack as the track got wetter. Could someone maybe check the pace of the AI?

These are the settings I'm using:

- Custom offline race
- Track: Spa
- Car: Huracan GT3
- Date: 28/07/18
- Start time: midnight
- Time progression: x24
- Weather: rain
- AI skill: 100
- AI aggression: 75

Setup: default except for:
- Wet tires: front pressures 142, rear pressures 135
- Brake ducts: front 30, rear 15
- Radiator: 70
- Fuel load: 75