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17-04-2018, 15:31
Okay so here I am.

Not sure if it's the right place, as it's not that much dependent of setups but still, seeing gear ratio caluclator, dampers and other things, I tried to work on a google doc to simplify the life of all those who run endurance races.

So here is the link (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yH3EDgWLk3iViui1sKCThOSkGmrie94t5oVVhX1tuVU/edit#gid=406131621)

What this doc lets you do at the moment :

- Tell you exactly how many pitstops and how much fuel will be needed for each one.
- Calculates the time spent in stops for tyres and the difference of speed between hard/tyre coumpounds so that you have a clear line of which is the fastest overall.

You only have a few cells to edit to see all of that. It's a bit WIP as well but maybe it could help some people so I'll post it :p


17-04-2018, 15:43
not sure if the race duration is working properly.
I used the data from my previous race at COTA. 2:03 average lap, 60min race and it said the lap count was 97

17-04-2018, 15:45
Nope, it's saying 29 laps. The average lap time must at all cost respect the initial format. Don't add any 0 or any kind of syntax.

17-04-2018, 15:50
i had to change either: A) the cell format from 'custom' to 'text' or B) input the lap time as 2.03.05 instead of using ':' otherwise the calculations get messed up. could be a US format issue

EDIT: changing the format (option A) allowed to me enter the lap time in either format.

17-04-2018, 17:49
Very nice effort. Little typo in "tyre coumpound", just to help you perfect it.

17-04-2018, 17:54
Fixed :)
I also added the actual wear of the tyres when going to pit ( wether you're supposed to change them or not ).