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Global Sim Racing
17-04-2018, 20:56
We have recently been attempting to use the password feature when hosting lobbies for our league practices, qualifying and races. This feature would be OUTSTANDING, as it allows our members to let themselves into the lobby without needing an invite which makes this MUCH easier for the lobby host. However...it doesn't seem to work properly.

- We are finding it often does not require a password to join from the online browser, which allows a stream of random users to join

- We are finding people are able to join from the friends list without being required to enter the lobby password

These issues render the password feature to be...well...useless, and it is sure making it difficult for us to properly run our sim racing league.

Can we expect a fix for this soon? Does anyone have any advice of a work around for us in the meantime?

Global Sim Racing
23-04-2018, 22:17
Any feedback on this, SMS?

Global Sim Racing
30-04-2018, 04:11
Any feedback at all will do, SMS.

Nathan Bell
02-05-2018, 21:21
I've passed this onto QA to investigate.

Global Sim Racing
02-05-2018, 21:32
Thank you very much! Once this issue is solved the password protected public lobbies will incredibly valuable!

Tom Brown
03-05-2018, 13:05
Hi GSR, Just want to check a few things. Are you certain they are joining through the online browser i.e. do you know exactly how they are joining or is it just that people are somehow getting into the lobby? This will help us make sure we are looking in the right place.  

Unfortunately we can't fix the issue with Friends being able to join passworded sessions, this is due to a First Party requirement and the way we process game invitations.

The best workaround we have for you is to use the Online Championships game mode. This will only let people that are on the selected list of players join the session, they can join through the Friends list without an invite if the session is running and they weren't online when getting the invite.

Global Sim Racing
17-05-2018, 22:11
Yes people join through the browser, as when the password is enabled we still somehow get random people joining our sessions.

The problem with the online championship mode is that it needs to be hosted by the same person week in and week out. This isn't always possible.

Rather than us using the online championship as a workaround, is it possible for your team to fix the issue with password protected public lobbies?

19-05-2018, 01:02
The online championship also precludes people from joining once the league has already started so no possibility of anyone new joining or getting replacements in for anyone that drops out.