View Full Version : Re-install?

Atak Kat
19-04-2018, 09:57
Can someone please guide me on the best way to completely delete the game on PS4? Allowing then to re-download, re-install fresh, but not lose my profile or career progress? Setups I don't care.

I'm tired of the various issues and want to try this to see if it fixes anything.

I remember some previous posts on this, but I cannot find them.


Sum Dixon-Ear
19-04-2018, 10:14
I'm pretty sure that if you just delete the game from the dashboard that it only removes the installation files and leaves your save data intact. You can upload all your save data to the PSN cloud first to be sure that you get it back just in case.

Atak Kat
20-04-2018, 04:46
In the saved data, the career progress had 2 files exactly the same, and also the profile had 2 files.
Both were exact same date, etc.
I uploaded them online, then deleted everything on my ps4, re-downloaded, re-installed.
Then I copied the 2 files (career and profile) back to the PS4. I only copied one of each.

Strange. Now I look on the ps4 and I see there are duplicate files again? Anyone else have this?

20-04-2018, 08:00
they should be the backup files of both profile files. It's ok they are recreated (from the ones you re-installed) once you start the game.