21-04-2018, 20:16
I was thinking about whether this would been a game mode that anyone would have been interested in.Anything you would want from it?Anything you think would work?

I came up with a concept of how it could work.
You are an 8 year old(potentially known as Ian Bell) who is at Glencairn East on a Cold,Dark Cloudy Day and compete in your first ever Kart race.
You are now 14 and are competing in your first season of full time racing,competing in the Kart One UK,European and World Championships.
You are now 15 and after doing well enough in Karting you move onto either Formula Rookie or Ginetta Junior(you get a choice) and compete in the respective British Championships for the series.
You are now 16 and get an offer to do Formula C UK or US(if from Formula Rookie) or GT4 Europe or Clio Cup UK(if from Ginetta Junior).
You are now 17 and move into Formula C Europe(if from National Formula C) or GT3 World(if from GT4 or Clio Cup) or World Touring Car(if from GT4 or Clio Cup).
You are now 18 and move into Formula Renault 3.5 or Indycar(if from Formula C) or GTE or LMP2(if from GT3 or Touring Car)
You are 19 and move into Formula X(if from For USA Renault 3.5 or Indycar) or LMP1(if from GTE or LMP2)
You are now 41 and are competing in Kart One at Glencairn East alongside your child in your last ever race.
Your child's career.

If you fail a chapter you re-do it and obviously a year is added on to your age.Progression targets would vary from Average Finish,to Championship Position,to no DNFs,to Poles,to Wins,to Fastest Laps.You could progress from any but which teams offer you a seat would vary from which you suceeded in meeting.To finish Chapter 6 Title is required.

If you want more Infomation just ask,I have a lot more in ideas sorted.

21-04-2018, 20:26
Interesting idea. Immersion is king in a single player career mode in my view. This kind of thing would certainly help.

22-04-2018, 00:04
If you fail a chapter you re-do it and obviously a year is added on to your age.

By the time I get to the sequel, I'll be racing with my great grandchild...or maybe my daughter starts karts in her 50s. :)

Cool idea!

22-04-2018, 06:24
Almost a mix of FIFA: The Journey and F1 career mode.

There are many parts of F1's career mode that I really enjoyed. I've posted about it before (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?54829-How-to-enable-mandatory-pit-stops-in-career-mode&p=1492621&viewfull=1#post1492621). I'd really like to see something like that where there is progression that doesn't need you to win every race.

It would be cool to have something like that where you're moving through the ranks, but you're also involved in developing a car/team. You might start out as a back marker, but you can work over time to test and develop the car (maybe by providing feedback, running test programs, etc.), and improve over time. You might attract some interest from the next tier up because of your useful feedback (your feedback/development might not always move you forward), and they ask you to join their team as a development driver. You'll only do testing with them at first, but do well and you might get to fill in on a race weekend or get offers from somewhere else.

I'd love to see a mixture of your idea and some depth like a real drivers career. You might not always be moving up. You might drop back down at some point because your skills start to suffer if you're not racing every weekend.

Anyway, just some thoughts I've had on this kind of thing before.

22-04-2018, 06:59
And could be tied in to the email system.. great ideas!!

Lord of the Racing
22-04-2018, 07:05
I like this idea for single player (which opposite to what a lot of people think is still very played). To be very honest after some months of playing I have to say that I prefer the old career in PC1: there were more championships for each car category ( in PC2 some cars have only a poor single event and there is not the chance of custom championship) and the feeling of the time passing was much better as well.

Leper Messiah
22-04-2018, 08:48
All really cool ideas lads, I've always like the idea of an RPG element (but playing as yourself, not like that old codies game). No soap opera elements just the racing with realistic goals to simulate a career. Immersion is everything for me, I want the details to pull me into the experience.

22-04-2018, 09:21
Yeah but the real question is, can we have a Rick?


22-04-2018, 09:38
Yeah but the real question is, can we have a Rick?


SMS- Hire the Crewchief app guy!!

OKC Radar Bob
22-04-2018, 10:23
SMS- Hire the Crewchief app guy!!

No, hire the grid girls.... I mean, come on man - we need more eye candy :-)

04-05-2018, 02:24
This is the million dollar question, no?

The design theory is easy enough to explain. Since games are getting cinematic, imagine a spectrum with a classic movie on one end, and a classic video game on the other. Let's go with Casablanca and Pac-Man for discussion.

On one end, Casablanca is an expertly told story, but offers no chance for user input. Ilsa and Rick will always have Paris, but they'll never have each other, no matter how much the user wishes otherwise. Pac-Man has perfect response to user input, but it has no story. We're never told why any of the game events are happening, and presentation is minimalistic.

The "sweet spot" in longitudinal design, is somewhere between those two extremes, but where exactly is it?

Consider the original "Max Payne": well-told story, yes, but it doesn't give the user any chance to wander off. New York City never felt so small. It's on the "Casablanca" end of the spectrum, somewhere.

"Skyrim" gives the user almost unlimited freedom in a gorgeous-looking world, but the story itself is a bit underwhelming. The College of Winterhold storyline is particularly egregious here: you can go from newly enrolled student, to running the place, in probably less than a month in-game. That you're ultimately recommended for it by the Psijic Order, just begs the question of why the Order was interested in you in the first place. "Skyrim" arguably belongs closer to "Pac-Man" on the design spectrum.

What gamers are ultimately looking for, I think, is Skyrim's freedom of choice, in a detailed Max Payne story, and right now, I'm not entirely sure the industry at large can execute that kind of a project.

WellRED Barron
04-05-2018, 02:50
Easy, they just need to call it, “Witcher 4” and add cars and a career mode to it!


04-05-2018, 08:26
It comes down to the concept of 'suspension of disbelief'. We want to be in that world and so it wouldnt take much for us to suspend the disbelief that we are not (certainly in some of the other threads this thought is obvious). It doesnt need to be particularly complex, and even suggestion is often enough. It doesnt require cut scenes or complex coding- much of what is required is already in game. Email systems and contract choices. What is needed is meaningful choices and consequences- our imagination will supply the rest. That is what we need to apply to- our imagination. I get an email inviti g me to a test day, i go to said test day and get a job offer. Starting in a small under performing team (yes teams would require different performance and a short backstory written in to the contract offer similar to what is already present) my performance targets are modest. I meet them and more email offers of tests or drives come in, from other tiers as well as better teams. The better you do in meeting target terms the better the offers from teams. Fail to meet your targets, crash too much etc and the offers dont come. A simple money system (or something similar but which our imaginations can work with) and you can unlock cars in the way you currently get invited to events. Our brains and imagination will fill in the backstory from there and for each of us it will be slightly different. This way you could fight at the back of the grid but stilk get noticed and progress. Or fight at the front but crash too often and equally you get noticed but not so much in a good way. We might even teach good habits for online ;) This is the sort of career i hope for- meaningful choices and meaningful consequences, tied in to meaningful emails and meaningful contracts.

WellRED Barron
04-05-2018, 09:17
The career mode could use a better sense of ownership.

Having even the slightest say in your driver design goes a long way and makes an early impact. Even if there are just a couple options. It is weird seeing the car I just drove being driven by some random dude I know nothing about on replay. Would make the OP’s aging driver from child to adult an extra interesting idea because we could watch our choice of driver grow up in the early seasons of the game.

Perhaps working with different teams means working with better or worse engineers and pit crews, pit times, or repair times, depending on the team you pick. Or maybe success with one team would unlock a different path of event races, or future career paths than success with another team... perhaps allowing you to skip ahead a year and advance through your career path faster if you chose to stay with that team but they skip GT4 and go right to GT3. How’s a high difficulty career option sound, where failure one season may send you down a level back towards the rookie leagues? Extra risk for those who want it. You know?

I like the lack of money in PC2 career, but it comes at a cost. Yes, I did intend that pun. Without money, and with all cars unlocked from the start, the career lacks a sense of ownership found in other titles, so in lieu of money, if we could take more ownership in our driver and their career, it may help form that bond other titles provide by earning and buying your next set of wheels.

Just brainstorming. I quite like the career as it is, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say it feels lacking. It lacks a bond and pride between player and team, or anything else for that matter that would provide a greater sense of ownership, risk, reward, and growth over one’s career.

Great topic!

04-05-2018, 12:33
Also to add to the immersion have a crazy trophy room!253856

04-05-2018, 14:56
I'll only be needing a small cupboard..

04-05-2018, 16:54
I'll only be needing a small cupboard..

You obviously only collect the watches they give ;)