View Full Version : Is anyone interested in helping me?

22-04-2018, 17:35
Hi.Hust wondering if anyone would be able to create a whole field of custom liveries(for whatever car(s) they like) and work with me on a YouTube series.Sadly,I am unable to play on PC to do it myself so if we could work together on storylines(maybe custom grid tool could help) and then you could do a race and record the replay,which could be turned into a video.I would also be open to doing this on PC1.Thanks.

28-04-2018, 19:54
No problem for PC1, just look for crowtrobot's custom livery tool for PC1.

Speaking about PC2, there is no easy way (read as "no way that it is as easy as it is with the tool for PC1") for the moment. (Let's assume you do have all the custom liveries you want to use with PC2, send me a PM)