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22-04-2018, 19:24
Hey all

Im going gaming PC in the next two weeks, im really looking for some info on PC specs that handle PC2 and other sims and VR.

which graphics cards do yous all use?? Good FPS??

Any pointers would be appreciated, thanks

22-04-2018, 20:09
I guess it depends on which headset you're getting - if it's for pCars 2, get a Rift and aim for a 1070ti or 1080 gfx. I use a Vive and my 1080 is only just enough - Rift is more efficient

22-04-2018, 20:25
GTX 1060 should grant you a sufficient VR experience, but you'll have to invest big money (GTX 1080 or higher) if you want to play the game with the highest settings and stable fps.

In all honesty (and as a user of AMD graphics cards for the past 10 years) your only viable option is going Nvidia.

AMD went downhill with Vega and couldn't live up to its expectations.


22-04-2018, 21:31
The link below might have useful info:

23-04-2018, 07:25
I was always told get the most powerful GPU you can afford to make the most of VR, also the Rift is a bit cheaper and has ASW so runs lovely even at 45fps, I don't notice the difference when racing. But as a minimum a GTX1060 6GB I would say, or an older 980ti. But really you want to be looking at a 1070ti or 1080 for better performance.

For me I have a 1080ti and even using that I have to use a mix of med/high settings in VR as it is that demanding, I get 90fps in dry/day and 45fps in wet/night etc with 1.4SS, but I am happy with that setup. Took a while to tweak it all to my liking.

Also don't forget CPU, last thing you want to do is get a really good GPU and the CPU ends up bottlenecking it, so something like a i5 or i7 with a 3.5 GHz or higher speed will do the job.

23-04-2018, 14:03
VR, currently, is still in its infancy. It requires a lot of processing power (CPU & GPU) to get results today. In a few years, things will be better but right now, you need to have a fairly powerful system in order to enjoy VR. SLI does not work in the majority of VR titles today, so you'll want the best GPU you can afford.