View Full Version : Fuel Default Setup - Possible change + Possible bug?

F4H Murphy
28-04-2018, 11:26

Is it possible to have fuel amount changeable when Default Setups are enforced?

You can now choose whether to have stable or loose as default, but, when you go into setup to change, or simply to check if the correct setup is selected the game automatically fills the car up, which is a big problem for quali in the likes of ESL events, and also equally as big a problem for the race.

When practicing last night (BMW 320TC @ Nurburgring GP) even though it said that loose setup was on when loaded into the main pit screen when I went to track it was actually the stable setup on the car.

Reason I know this is on the in car display the brake bias on the loose setup is 48 and on stable it is 57, plus the car handled like a pig. Don't really see the need for stable setup anyway as it's horrible imo.

Not sure if this is a bug or not, but clarification would be nice.


28-04-2018, 14:14
It's a known bug, see




But at least just for the brake bias, there's an easy workaround, just assign keys/wheel buttons to increasing/decreasing brake bias in the game options and then you can change them without needing to load one setup or the other. You just need to remember to do it every time you leave the pits screen or start the race.