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28-04-2018, 15:04
I've just been testing some tracks and cars and noticed that even at 60% AI the times set by the AI are well over 3 seconds a lap faster than the current world records?

Subsequently, at 120/100 I tested the same tracks and cars again and now the AI are roughly 6/7 seconds fast that the current world record holders per lap?

I also checked the times on YouTube videos and tried to,find the closest I could to real world cars for each track tested... overall.

On some tracks the are accurate at 60/50 and on others they are around 7seconds faster than the world record holders, fastest laps recorded by aliens and real world drivers in any sim on the market?

Maybe I'm unlucky and drive the cars/tracks that exhibit this issue more than others (I have not tested any GT3 cars).

So my question, if you find the AI to easy at 120/100 could you please post the track car combo? I will then test this, and then get you to test the tracks / car combos that are exhibiting the results above.

Update- I have looked further into this and some AI cars at 120/100 are setting faster lap times than the current world records for Formula A and LMP?

You can easily just check this yourself on the leadboard website vs sitting on the side of the track and watching AI absolutely destroy any time set by human world record holders.

(On the cars I've tested so far, none of which are GT3)

29-04-2018, 04:37
AI at 120 are expected to be faster because they are basically cheating. It's meant to give an extra challenge. It's probably more evident on some tracks/cars more than others.

From a post by Bealdor (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?61387-AI-after-patch-4&p=1483968&viewfull=1#post1483968) on an old thread.

90 - RL laptimes
100 - fastest possible laptimes without cheating
100+ - AI has more power (HP) than the player -> cheating

Are you looking at dates on the leaderboards too? There are some times from previous patches that aren't possible now.

29-04-2018, 06:07
Why create this thread when you made the same points in the main ai thread on the same day?

30-04-2018, 12:05
Why create this thread when you made the same points in the main ai thread on the same day?

If you look at the time stamps you'll understand? I asked this first, then after browsing the forum noticed a thread discussing AI (but not specific to my question) and I joined that conversation too.

I don't see an issue with it, neither do the mods as it's a different topic, with the only similarity being it's an AI related question.

With that said, I'm trying to post a challenge for anyone who says AI is to easy at 120/100. If anyone claims 120/100 is too easy and can post a video of them beating the Ai at this level, I'll give them a car track combo I'd like to see them beat.

As the AI are currently on these car track combos I have been testing ate around 10seconds fast than the fastest human times (6 seconds faster than the current real and in game world records too at 60%)

But seems no one actually finds 120/100 too easy as no one responded, which backs up my theory that in fact 120/100 is hard enough in most cases :)

30-04-2018, 12:47
I have a 120 / 100 list in my pcars notebook.

My rules are 6 cars identical, start last, get to first within ten laps to win. Two weeks after I started the list it has one entry, Knockhill Ginetta gt5. I can get close on a few other tracks with the Ginetta and sometimes the F5 car but so far only one on the list.

My most used cars in the game by far are the Ginetta, then the Caterham 620 and F5.