View Full Version : About the Ford GT LM (power curve, shift lights and gearbox)

28-04-2018, 20:29
Hi guys.

there seems to be a big mistake on the Ford GT LM since the beginning of the game(at least for me):

in game, the Ford revs up to 8000rpm(or 7500, doesn't have the number in my head) with it's peak power near that line and the shift lights getting also near that.

the real one, on the other hand, revs up to 75000rpm, but has a huge loss of power starting at 6650rpm with the shift point being at 6560rpm. (center red shift light being lit at that point) (seen on real footages of the FIA WEC live)

why isn't that car in game like the real one? that cuts the immersion and thus, the gearbox is shorter due to the wrong power curve.

I have some examples of other GTEs that have a wrong power curve and RPM limit, but I'll stick to the Ford for now.

iRacing has the correct power curve. (wierd shift lights, but still)

can the devs fix that mistake? it would be way better for the immersion and realism of the car. even the sound matches the real one when shifting at 6560rpm in game. there's just the antilag "fart" sound linked to the throttle missing. with it the car would be one of the perfect ones

29-04-2018, 17:12
Do you have any data links?

And just to be sure, are you comparing the 2016 model? That's what is in PC2 while iRacing is using 2017 specs. I personally haven't done the comparison to what the differences are between 2016-2018, but I just wanted to point that out.

30-04-2018, 09:51
unfortunately, I can only relate to the tv streams that I saw both in 2016 and in 2017. Ford doesn't share any data on the web. but, by closely listening to the sound, and trying to reproduce that shifting point in PC2, 6560 is the correct shift point(with a margin of 100rpm). like iRacing did.

they are both the same engine wise. maybe the turbo pressure and weight is different for the BoP, and maybe the downforce, also, but globally, they're the same. and, except on Le Mans, I can do the 2017 lap times consistently when the car is tuned. the specs between 2016 and 2017 should be almost identical