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29-04-2018, 09:50
Since the latest patch myself and a few others in our Leagues are struggling with brake inconsistencies;

None of us are overheating the brakes and are keeping them in the perfect operating temps but from one corner to the next we either get a long or short pedal. This is very frustrating for close racing as it means either rear ending someone or braking way to early to avoid being labelled as a dirty racer.

At first I thought SMS had introduced pad knock off to the game but even if i tapped the brakes to push the pads back to the disc just before applying the brakes fully in the braking zone, it made no difference. I then thought it was my pedals so I stripped, examined and cleaned them with no noticeable faults. However, when more and more people started suffering with the same problem, the penny dropped it was a potential issue with the game.

Platform - PS4
Wheel and Pedals - Logitec G29
Re calibrated - Many times
Hardware update - N/A for PS4
Cars mainly affected - Tin Tops (V8 Supercars, TCC, Ginettas)

Is anyone else with other wheels or even pads having this same issue?

29-04-2018, 10:54
No sutch with my pad

29-04-2018, 19:49
I'm trying to improve the brake sensation with a potentiometer brake as well (braking with a controller is no issue)... so far my best results are the following

-- dropping the gain way low to avoid having crazy ffb reactions that always unbalance the cars under heavy breaking
-- brake pedal sensitivity 50 with 0 deadzone
-- drop the car brake strength to 75-80% in the tune

30-04-2018, 09:39
I have not experienced this issue personally and whilst I don't really run the Supercars I have done plenty of races in the Ginettas for example.