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01-05-2018, 20:19
I play a lot of sims on PC including project cars so I have a good idea how ffb on a wheel 'should' feel. I also raced cars before so I have a good idea how ffb 'should' feel.

I have a T300RS and when playing PC2 on PC I use Jack Spades FFB files although I also have a PS4 and often play PC2 with one friend and AI which is great fun besides the fact that I just cannot get on with the handling. It really is like nothing else I have played and not in a good way and after many attempts at fiddling with the sliders I've just about had enough!

The main issue for me is not being able to get rid of the deadzone (yes the deadline is set to zero) and how that affects the centering 'spring' that is imitating the front wheels naturally turning as the car over rotates. All sims do this but PC2 is particularly bad at giving you the feel of it happening. Whereas with most sims this comes in a nice curve giving you enough time to compensate (as it should) PC2 'snatches' the wheel from you. This happens in all sorts of situations, and not always when you would think it should. I think this is probably made worse by the deadzone at the centre of the wheel in that I can't feel that the car is over rotating until its to late

Without overcomplicating things further has anyone else suffered the same and managed to solve the issue in the settings? I just cannot find a way to get rid of this deadzone or dampen this centering spring.


03-05-2018, 23:43
Within the controller settings, what are your Steering Sensitivity, Speed Sensitivity, and Controller Dampening values?
Adjusting these values have any tangible affect on handling?

Also, I apologize, but are you saying that with the Jack Spade FFB settings on PC, PC2 performs as you wish it to, but when you move to console it handles entirely differently?

04-05-2018, 00:04
Dampening = 0 is crucial on a G29. If the transition is too fast for you, maybe try 10.

What are your ffb settings on PS4? I have a few mates with T300 using my ffb settings.

04-05-2018, 04:52

Shockwave Fox
04-05-2018, 06:28
I have a T150 and had the same weird deadline feeling on the middle as you start to turn before it suddenly snaps.

I solved it by putting gain at 100 and volume at 0, tehn gradually dropping gain 5 and upping vol 5 until I reached a happy medium between the two.

Feels much better now.

I also run tone at 50-60 and turn FX right down to about 10-15.

I also found out that the values seem to work better if they are say 67 gain and 33 volume rather than 65 and 35. Not sure why and maybe it's not true but works for me.

28-05-2018, 02:21
I have to say, playstation 4 has really strange ffb, I have never experienced anything like it. It feels like driving on metal balls on an oily metal surfsace, that might snatch out of your grip and turn. But the snatch happens with so much latency and force, I don't really see anything like this in any other game. Except raceroom has got this filter that causes the ffb to be experienced as filtered through the metal attached to the steering wheel, maybe that is what pc2 on ps4 is doing here. I cant tell if its realistic or not, but every race sim including pc2 on computer pc desktop/laptop feels completely different.
And playing on a t-gt is even worse, all the weirdness is amplified, you get 6nm torque on 20% gain.