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04-05-2018, 20:20
Hi to all.....

My new equipment has arrived since two days and i didn t test them properly yet.... i ve been testing the mounting in a gt omega wheel stand since and i just installed the break performance kit using a hard combination.... don t know if that suits me wright yet but i think i t ll be just fine since i like tge break to be stiff.... it remains to be seen......

Anyway i d like to ask the community and thd fanatec users mostly if the damper kit has anything to add in this hard combination and if i should bother to give it a test or return it back without unpacking it.
Also i d like to know a little bit more about the settings that the fanatec wheel provide such as abs, dead zone removal, ff and the rest..... i cant say that i don t know what each of all those settings does but an opinion from someone who owns this equipment surelly will be much appreciated... something that i don t know for sure is that if the abs triggers only if the abs is active or if even if when the tires are locking ( if no assists are used )

I d like to know a thing about signal resistance in the v3 s controll panel allthough i think i understand its functionality......

So far thats all.... no real issues here just your opinions to give me a good start using this equioment....

Thank you all in advance.....!!!

05-05-2018, 14:52
If you have the brake performance kit, forget the damper. That's what it seems to be the consensus all over the internet.

I do have the damper kit only because there's wasn't anything else at the time. It's better to have it than not IMO and after tuning the best feel for you ofc. But even without testing the performance kit if it was today, I think i wouldn't even think of buying the damper.

The damper though does have a very familiar feeling so I have to say it does it's job. Then again, its a road car familiar feel...

Point is, if you didn't buy the damper kit yet, then don't. Unless you have money burning your pockets :)

05-05-2018, 15:00
I haven't tried the performance kit myself, but AFAIK it shortens the throw of the brake significantly and with that makes the damper rather useless. For the normal, longer throw of the brake it adds a great realistic feel to the brake IMO.

05-05-2018, 18:05
Thank you guys....
When i posted this thread i had allready installed the performance kit.... it was ( and is ) a must for me.... i have it in the hard combination and this is how i like it.....
I did install the damper kit today as well but haven t tested it yet..... wouldn t say ghis is a must but maybe with the short travel won t feel like a road car while it could give that little hydrolic feel.... we ll see.....
Does anyone know after updating the pedals through usb if they can be recallibrated from scratch through the wheel at any time ( because i want to have them connected to the wheel ), or do i always need to connect them through usb to recallibrate them again....?
Thank you....

05-05-2018, 18:35
What do you mean with 'recalibrate'? In the game?

05-05-2018, 19:35
Posted twice

05-05-2018, 19:42
What i mean is when the firmware is updated i calibrate my pedals.... all good... then lets say that i add the perfonmance kit... i need a recalibration at this point.... so.... do i really need to disconnect the pedals from the base and plug them directly to my pc or can this recalibation be done when the wheel is attached to the base through the driver....? If havd set min and max settings for the brake can i delete them somehow and set new ones....?