View Full Version : Nissan GTR Nismo GT3 SETUP

Urban Chaos 2.0
05-05-2018, 15:03
Here are screenshots of what I believe to be the best Nissan GTR GT3 setup. i.e. it's what I would run in real life as a base setup for this car. I'm yet to drive the GT3 car, but I've driven the road cars, and to my mind, this is how the GT3 car should feel. Anyone care to try the setup out and share their thoughts? Changes are made within the "Loose" preset and highlighted in red.


08-05-2018, 01:57
Hi Urban Chaos, thank you for posting your set up. Sorry so few responses but people are reluctant to volunteer. I'll make some time tomorrow but I only run Silverstone National so I don't know if my feedback will help that much. My best previous run there with the GTR was in October 2017 at 0:54.662, this car has had 2 upgrades since then but on the other hand I have had downgrades so we'll see. I'll change the Engine braking to maximum for the new patch and lower the tire pressures as well.

Oh well, can't find the cat so I made a run. Can't get through copse corner with any kind of speed. If you were on PC you could come to National and run TT and I could try and follow your lead with your setup. Whatever platform you are on see how you run copse and what sort of lap time you end up with.

Used my set up and easily beat my old PB on the out lap.
Ran this morning, no changes to setup.
I am not a fan of this car. It just wants to go fast though, so for someone who likes it I guess it might be ok.:D