View Full Version : Testing vs Quali vs Race

08-05-2018, 13:30
Has anyone got any tips on optimizing set ups for different challenges? I have an optimum set up for private testing. Usually I have bright, summer and let's say Monza or Laguna. If I go online, my set-ups are always less than sub-optimal even if the weather/time settings are basically the same. What should I look at to make changes to the base-set up from Testing? If the track temp is higher what should I do to compensate? Is track temp the key metric? And what about the pre-warmed tyres in the race? They seem to be LESS effective than tyres warmed in Testing or practice. Is there a reason for that? Basically - and I have posted about this before - I cannot get close to my Testing times either in qualifying and even less in a race. I would say I am at least a second slower in qualifying and more in a race. In a race I try to drive conservatively given the higher price you pay for mistakes. But qualifying? Given similar conditions (most Monza races also seem to be summer/bright conditions) surely the times should be roughly the same?