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09-05-2018, 18:47
I've finally purchased a headset (Astro A40 with MixAmp Pro) to use with this game and others. I'm working on a custom EQ with the MixAmp to try and define and balance the sounds as best as possible. The problem is the inconsistencies I'm finding with PC2 game audio.

For example, in private testing/Custom race, the audio is completely different than it is in TT. Tire sounds are far more pronounced in TT. Also, running the Megane RS SMS car, the engine audio drowns out everything else. I had to bring down the volume of my engine, opponents engine, SFX, Environment, etc. Set at 30, engine sounds are still somewhat drowning out radio comms even with the radio at 100.

Another example is switching from the Megane to the Vantage GTE with the same in-game audio settings, suddenly all I can hear is wind passing by the car, and the engine is very quiet.

Hopefully these issues can be sorted in an update. For now it's obviously a case of making changes to the audio dynamics every time I switch cars, and/or go from PT/CR to TT. I'm actually about to test it in a lobby, so I'll have a better idea what changes I'll need to make there, if any. Hopefully none from the PT/CR settings I have for the Megane as that's what I'm driving in league atm.

Strangely, I didn't notice this drastic change in audio when running through my 5.1 system.

FYI, for any Astro A40 MixAmp Pro users... Once I do have a good, balanced EQ I will be posting it in the Custom EQ area of the Astro Gaming Forum. I will post a link here when I have it done.

Paul Scargill
16-05-2018, 00:36

I'm not familiar with the specific headset, though looking on the internet the manual I found seems to suggest that the output goes via optical and you should set the output as Primary Output Port = Digital Out (optical), Audio Format (priority) = Bit Stream (Dolby).
It might be worth checking and also testing with the in-game downmix to see if you prefer that - (if you set output port optical, format priority = linear PCM), this can be then switched to headphone mode from the in-game audio menu.

There shouldn't be any difference in the audio levels between private testing / TT, if you could list the settings then I can verify if there is a bug. The only possible difference I can think of (as you mention it's the tyre sounds) is that you could be using different tyres in private testing? The slick tyres have different sounds to the all-weather / treaded tyres.

As for the per-car mixes, there will be some variance - I'll test and see if the cars mentioned are at the extremes and need bringing into line.

16-05-2018, 03:47
Hi Paul,

Thanks for the reply. I am using the headset and Mixamp as it was intended to be used. Optical output for game audio, USB output for chat audio. This allows mixing of the game and chat audio to the user's preference. Using the Bitstream Dolby allows for use of the Virtual Surround feature, which is better for FPS/RPG gaming, albeit with some compression that doesn't work well with PC2, in my opinion - a personal preference thing really. It doesn't sound bad using VS but a bit odd. Definitely not the same as using it on my 5.1 audio system, on which the game sounds awesome.

So, you're saying that by selecting Linear PCM that is the only way the headphone mode functions? I'll check it when I'm on later and see if that makes a difference. If so great, as the VS doesn't matter to me in this game.

To be clear, the reason I brought this up about different levels on Private Testing and TT, is because I was using the same car and tyres in both. At any rate, I seem to have found a workable balance in the audio settings. But it does require a change in level to the player engine sound depending on which car.

I did a bit of research on PC2 audio settings, looking to see what others were using for settings. I did find that others in this forum and other Internet locales were also having trouble finding a happy balance for the in-game audio settings. A fair bit of it was centred around tyre volumes: not being able to tell when scrubbing was taking place, inaudible tyre sounds during heavy braking, etc.. I would be surprised if SMS was not aware of people having issues.

I will check out the Linear PCM setting for differences. I'll be on in.MP tomorrow as well, so I'll do a quick reference check between MP, PT and TT levels while the MP session is fresh in my ears.

Thanks again, Paul!