View Full Version : Is it a bug? Exploit? Are transparent liveries a thing?

14-05-2018, 19:29
Here's a pretty amusing clip, but it's was bloody annoying to race against this fella...


The clips was taken during the qualifying round whilst monitoring a others on track, but the same happened during the race. I don't know if it's a VR issue or what, but I didn't want to race too close to this fella in case we made contact :mad:

14-05-2018, 21:28
Most probably just a bug I think. In one of the last 2 patches, they implemented something like late-loading of car liveries if I understood correctly, in order to fix the big stutters that were happening when anybody joined qualifying. A side effect of this optimization is that many times cars in quali appear grayed out when very close to you and behave like ghosts. Maybe what you saw is a different but related side effect, which does not happen often.

14-05-2018, 23:12
LOL. Have to admit it's funny as heck.

15-05-2018, 06:20
It's a bug, happened even in PCars1 from time to time.


15-05-2018, 09:48
I want to stay positive, but as you may already know, a lot of older bugs was carried over from the first game and I get the impression that they're having some difficulties with the Madness Engine.

15-05-2018, 15:49
Thanks for your replies!

I've put a few hundred hours into the game and that's the first time I've seen that issue, so it's a very rare bug if that's the case. I've made a note of the player and there's a good chance I'll bump into him again, so - entertainment value if nothing else :D