View Full Version : [Bug] Nurbrugring Pit Tires didnt change

15-05-2018, 13:21
Just reporting this bug that annoyes me. On Nurburgring combined (nordschleife+GP) I did a pit stop and none of the tires were changed.
I've preset the pit strategy before starting the race. I started on soft tires and set to change all 4 to wets in that pit strategy.
I also preset the fuel liters. More info:

XBOX One, Offline race, 30 GT3 Cars (same category), preset changing weather (from dry to storm).
Car: 911 GT3R (Falken)
On Lap 3 I called the pits, while on the straight I adjusted the fuel. Entered the pits normally and pitted. IA refuelled and then dropped the car without changing tires. When i resumed had the same soft tires in the same state (temperature and wear) than before pitting.

15-05-2018, 14:57
In Pit Strategy, did you set Change Tires to All or to Recommended?

15-05-2018, 16:20
In Pit Strategy, did you set Change Tires to All or to Recommended?

I double checked it was All before starting the race

15-05-2018, 17:55
Ok that is odd.But I think I have heard of it before so it is just an issue that will hopefully get patched.But a re-run must be annoying as it would take an extra half an hour since 3 laps of the Nordshleife+GP.

16-05-2018, 10:37
Thatz a bug which occurs completely random, not only at the Nordschleife. Happened to me at different tracks in the past, but I found a workaround, which worked for me until now.

Before I request to pit, I always open the ICM, go to the strategy and change the tire compount. Soft to Hard or contrary. I close the ICM completely, reopen it and change the tire back to the compound I really want. And now I request to pit. :)

Kind of gassy, but I never had any problems getting new tires since that.

17-05-2018, 13:19
Thanks a lot for the workaround. Yesterday I ran a race without a preset strategy. I made one on the fly just changin to wets, no fuel and the pit was done correctly.

Its bothers to me this bugs so many months after release... for sure wont be buying pcars3 until 6 months or more after release and in discount... and will be recommending the same to anyone