View Full Version : "The item you're trying to launch appears to be corrupt"?

16-05-2018, 03:40
What does this mean? For the last 5 or 6 times in a row I've tried to play the game I will get some sort of freeze up. Either the audio will freeze but the game will continue to play for just a bit more. I can still drive but with no audio or a constant noise of where it locked and then it will totally freeze up. Or the audio will freeze and the video. I'll sitting there with a frozen screen with the constant noise. That has happened the most.

I'll have to hit the Xbox button, if it will respond, eject the disc, cold boot the console and retry again. Sometimes it will work again on the first cold reboot sometimes it takes 2 or 3 of them before it will work again. It's had this lock up problem sporadically and it had the lockup issue trying to exit time trial but not this several times in a row problem.

Tonight after the game froze I tried to hit the Xbox button, quit then relaunch and that is when I got this "the item you're trying to launch appears to be corrupt" message. It's really getting frustrating trying to play now when it's a certainty that's it's going to freeze up at some point.

16-05-2018, 05:30
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I also saw your other thread about those lock up issues.
Did you already try to reinstall the game?
Are you also getting XB specific error messages?
Are your other games still working fine?

Since you're the only one reporting this specific issue it could also be a problem with your console. I hope it's not though.

16-05-2018, 12:27
I haven't tried other games yet but I'm going to do that tonight. I'm not even going to attempt PCars2 at first.
The only other error message I can remember getting during this issue was where I had to go into Settings>System>and then something about deleting saved data to get it to re-sync?

I hope it's not console related too because I'm thinking it could take weeks to get it repaired.

21-05-2018, 15:15
I think as bad as I hate to say it, I think it's going to be a console issue:(

I played Assetto Corsa for 3 straight nights with no issues. Then the last night after I quit the game and hooked up my controller and tried to go into Netflix the console froze and I had to do a reboot. So Saturday it locked up while I was watching Youtube so I got online with Xbox support and we basically did a system restart where you have to do a procedure and sign in again. Then Saturday night I tried playing PCars2 again, completed one race, tried to start another and it froze on the game loading screen.

I've heard of some quick turn around times for repairs but knowing my luck it will take several weeks.

22-05-2018, 08:31
That sucks mate, I hope you get it sorted very quickly.