View Full Version : Car Tuning Locked (Create Online Event)

16-05-2018, 05:05
Hi there, first time on this forum and only recently started on Project Cars2 online after playing Project Cars (offline) for a few years.
I'm after some help with trying to work out why car tuning is locked (or what I have done wrong).
I have been setting up online event GT3 at Zhuhai with same class setting.
For some reason every time I go to start the event it wont allow for car tuning and this is locked.
I want the event to allow for car tuning by competitors. The first few times I set up events on other tracks I didn't have this problem so I'm stuck trying to work out what I'm doing wrong.
Is there a setting that either allows or does not allow car tuning when creating an online event???
Probably a simple answer but has me beat! My driving is better than my setting up to drive skills!

Thanks in advance.
See you on the track.

16-05-2018, 05:09
You have to set "Force default setups" to "No" in the host options.

16-05-2018, 05:34
Cool. I'll give that a go.
Thanks for your help.