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23-05-2018, 00:19
In quick race, is there a way to have a mixed grid between classes in a multi class race? I know it used to be like this, but I think it got changed in an update. I’ve tried looking through the race options, but can’t find a way to have the starting grid not grouped into classes. For example, I am trying to run a Group 6 and Vintage Prototype A race at Historic Spa. In qualifying, most of the A class cars set quicker times than the Group 6 cars. The times are close between the two classes, and even if I set overall pole in a Vintage A car, I still end up starting like 7th behind the whole class of Group 6 cars. Mildly annoying considering it never used to be like this until a recent update.

23-05-2018, 07:02
Edit - just reread the OP. So basically, what I was saying was a really good feature (mixed classes all on the grid by lap time) is no longer possible. That sucks.

23-05-2018, 07:05
This really spoils some multi class racing where classes are well matched. LMP900 and GT1, Group 5 and Group 6, TC and GT4, probably others as well. Like on tracks where the 908/3 can mix well with the 917. Hopefully this is something that can be changed/added an option for at some stage before support for the game ends.

23-05-2018, 07:56
The grid should be mixed by fastest speed regardless of what class of car (Since that’s how the game was previously) or at least an option to set it that way.