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24-05-2018, 01:55
In this my 3rd and not quite last tuning thread (the last will be requests IF anyone wants them!) I tackle the Invitational Events. Designed to test your wits, mettle and patience to the limits with cars of all shapes, sizes and trunk-size.
In every case before taking on the event I test the car fully and tune it in Time Trial for the track we will be using. I then test the AI under similar weather/time conditions in a custom race to see what AI settings produce qualifying laps similar to our best time trial.
This unfailingly gives us a fair race we can win if we do our best against equal speed opposition.
At least that's the theory....


-Road Series - 9/9 - Japanese Street Trophy

-Track Special Series - 3/7 - US Track Day Trophy - AI 100/100 + Time Trial

-Track Special Series - 2/7 - UK Lightweight Track Challenge - AI 25/25 + Time Trial

-Road Series - 6/9 - Cadwell Mono Challenge Cup

-Historic Series - 1/11 - Group 5 Turbo Masters - AI 90/90

24-05-2018, 02:23
Before start here is the Time Trial for the Toyota GT-86 Rocket Bunny we shall use for this event.


OK, now we have the only enjoyable part of this event done with I will post the tune and some brief notes. Too much punishment involved in this event. Wasted way too much time on it. Weather needs changing it is virtually unplayable.
(Quick hint...I describe below how to at least TRY to make this event an actual challenge. If you are easily frustrated just set AI to 0/0 laps to 3 and get through this debacle ASAP).

Still reading? Good for you! Your handcuffs and rubber suit are in the bag on the floor. They will be less painful!

On game release this event was in the snow. Check out YouTube videos. People are drifting everywhere on and off the track BUT the car has ICE and ALL TERRAIN tires available. So it's doable!
Currently (post patch 5.0) the event starts in the dry then it starts raining. It's a road car so no 'wet' tires available. We have 3 road tires to choose from. Soft,medium and hard. Only the mediums can stay on the track at all for us. AI use softs in the race (in the rain).
Using the fair AI of 45/45 you haven't a chance. You may gain a couple of seconds by end of first lap when it starts to rain. Then the AI will crush you.
Only on 25/25 did I manage to win. You have to blast ahead on first lap, if you get a 10 seconds lead by end of lap when the heavens open you should just be able to hang on.

Don't be surprised if THIS happens to you:


I tried making the event 10 laps. rain starts at end of lap 3. Used softs for race start then pitted for mediums lap 4. Lost 35 seconds in the pit. AI didn't pit racing fine with their softs (this is NOT possible at all for us humans - I challenge you to complete 1 lap in any time less than 5 minutes)
So that was a waste of time. Ended up starting on mediums and winning by 5 seconds after 2nd attempt. Absolutely no fun at all or challenge. To make it worse the tune uses mild drifting (you HAVE to drift with this car to get round corners quickly) with TC set at 10%. That TC setting in the race leads
to what you saw in the above video IF you make it that far. By dialing IN the TC the car motor is CUT during turns. So you slide off the track usually backwards. You need power on to keep driving forwards, TC does not allow that. TC 1% couldn't get round 1 lap.

Here is the race I think you get the picture by now, and it's not a pretty one!
(Race starts 1:50)
That worrying loud vibrating noise you hear during the race is the FFB on my wheel hating what we are doing to our car...




Here is the TT tune. This part was fun, got the car 2 seconds faster than current PS4 record. Be interested to see a PC guy give it a try out!


24-05-2018, 17:56
Compared to the previous event in this thread this one is a TOTAL BLAST! I don't mind rain if we have the tires for it. This race is sunny and clear. I chose to race as TKDB not TKDA as I already had some good tunes for the Caterham SP/300.R. A couple hours doing time trial and we had a fast tune! 1.5 seconds faster than the previous PS4 record, and only half a second from top spot on PC leaderboard. Rather proud of my Caterham tunes in the Career Tuning thread, maybe someone can be persuaded to try them out now!
Lap is only 3/4 minute so I chose a ten lap race. Shame you can't choose more as racing against the faster TKDA cars was enthralling! It's kinda cool being the 'underdog' and passing more powerful race beasts now and then.
All we have to do is finish top of the TKDB cars to claim the trophy. Tune is so fast and stable that using AI of 100/100 is highly recommended. I tested the class out in a custom race and our TKDA opponents were lapping fastest at 47.5 seconds. That gives us almost a 2 second advantage per lap theoretically more likely 1 second as we can lap consistently at 46.5 with this car. Plus it's a race so we can be smarter than them! A good start is essential, avoid the mass car meeting at the first corner and go wide, so you don't get stuck behind the squished up pack. AI behaved well at this track, I didn't get knocked off at any stage, the faster cars even backed off behind me for some corners. Who'd have thought the AI would be so gentlemanly! Trying to actually BEAT the faster cars is silly, so don't race crazy chasing them but they do make great pacemakers for us.

Here is the Time Trial + Full race video:


Here is the TT tune:


Currently placed 30 in the PS4 leaderboard for this class so pS4 racers can go grab my tune off there quickly before I slip to 31 or below!

Here are changes you need to make for the 10 lap race:


25-05-2018, 05:19
Cool...a fun little car, a fast tune and a familiar track. What could go wrong? The usual..conditions that would be red flagged in real life. No fun at all in this 'event'. All you can do is lower the AI and shorten the length and grit your teeth. No reward for this other than the considerable satisfaction that you will NEVER have to do it again.
We're using the KTM X-Bow R.
I tried AI from 100/80/60/40/25 before I could make it to the end and 'win'.
Tips for the race:
You can't adjust the engine braking on this car...so you CAN'T brake or change down a gear on a corner. You can drive fast on straights (except for puddles) and take fast corners fast.
Don't use 1st gear at all.
About those puddles. PLEASE don't succumb to cheating by using the puddle removal glitch. You can pass them easily by just letting off the gas right before you hit them. It's that easy and you 'beat' the game fair and square that way.
Don't fret about hitting the other cars accidentally...they brake in silly places.
NEVER brake or change down a gear on a corner. Unless you want a good view of the cars following....
Short shift as much as possible.
Remove all fragile objects from near your gaming area.
Rain stops half way through the race. Makes no difference. Game needs rainbows to make us smile when we struggle with stuff like this.

I'm not going to post the race tune just the TT tune which is a LOT of fun. I beat the PS4 record by over a second with it consistently. So there is a silver lining to this very black cloud of an event...
Semi-slicks for TT and dry track. Use TRACK tires for the race. You should also put traction control to 1% and ABS to 100.

Enjoy the tune for custom races, online and TT. Get the event over with and if you can beat it with AI of 50 or more please post a video!



I'm going to do the CXC Porsche 936 Spyder event at Sonoma next. Can't wait to drive that car! Love some mini LMP type VEE-HICKLES!

01-06-2018, 02:30
Ahh another poor race that COULD have been so good. Why? I spent a few hours working in Time Trial and Custom Race tuning this cool little machine so it would handle stable and nimble. I was happily racing a single 100% AI opponent for 10 laps in custom race, throwing it into corners and owning the track. Gained about 1 second per track. Got best time around 1.28. Ok off to the event....suddenly my sweet car was over steering like nuts for no reason. I could not even get around the track even in the slow parts! Further tweaking didn't help, something was WRONG! Out of frustration and multiple 'races' I lowered the race length to 3 laps and eventually, out of desperation the AI to 00/00! That was the only way I could win. Cuz I still couldn't stay on the track! Opened radiator to 100% to lower power to avoid ridiculous power oversteer on slow fast bends! So yeh this was no fun at all. Take me tune below and use it for fun times in Time Trial and Custom Race and get round the event itself at whatever AI setting you need. No shame in lowering the AI when something stupid and unknown is wrecking the cars handling. It was like my setup was being overridden by some gremlin. Oh well...hope this guide helps you suffer less than me!
Check out the best lap time below..1.39! TEN SECONDS slower than my time trial/custom race speed....grrr...


01-06-2018, 13:55
Now THIS is a great event! Everything works as it should, great cars and all the grip you need, run the full ten lap race for pure excitement! AI at 100/100 run laps about 1 second faster than I've done with this tune so far, I might come back and go for the 100/100 later but while it's working so well I had to get this on here now! Slicks wear down about 1/5th by end of the full length race and the radiator stays at a max of about 220f - all you have to do is keep your cool! You NEED a good start and be in first 5 after first few bends or else the lead car will slip away from you while his loyal minions do their best to block your progress.... I was in 2nd until 2nd lap then pounced on a mistake and held off the following AI during a tense race. The guy was a couple of car lengths back most of time and never further than 1 second behind for the whole race just waiting for me to make the slightest mistake. By lap 9 I was starting to feel the pressure! A real classic race in my opinion! The BMW 320, after some practice which you will need, can be driven smoothly throughout the lap. You need to get used to precise throttle control to keep the turbo pressure from taking you off track in the tricky uphill chicane. Blipping the throttle round corners works well. Try to keep your lines as smooth as possible to keep up the pace, as the AI will dive past you at the first slow or wide corner you take. Enjoy!