View Full Version : Should we make ALL console racing public?

26-05-2018, 19:25
Online PS4 public lobbies make PC2 look like a barren desert with a handful of rooms and a handful of players.

I am told that a LOT of console racing is in league rooms, walled off from the public lobby system. If this is true, perhaps it is time if we want to build the game participation on consoles, that Leagues don't go private?

Now, don't get me wrong, you can still lock the room, and password it, so only League participation gets in. But at least, until the room is full, it WILL be able to be seen on the lobby list, and casual players don't get the impression that the online game is a waste of time because virtually no-one is playing it...

No, there's nothing we can do about SMS's boneheaded decision to drop full rooms off the lobby list (nothing ups your desire to join a room than seeing a full one, and waiting for a space to open!), but we can at least mitigate the issue by making League rooms visible, where track and car and conditions can be inspected, and possibly encourage an attempt to join the league if it's what the player is looking for...

I think one of the things that makes Gran Turismo's online work so well is that everything except their eSports 'Sport Mode' is visible. Locked rooms, open rooms, private, passworded rooms, everything. Gaming is a community sport. PC2 walls different communities off from each other, never to meet.

We can fix that, if we want to...

League admins, what do you think of this idea? Do you think that, if casual players can actually SEE your rooms up and running, you might get more participation?

Titzon Toast
27-05-2018, 00:54
Man, you're like a broken record. I reckon if I started a thread about the price of Brussel sprouts you'd pop in and post about this. Give it rest.

27-05-2018, 04:26
Brussel sprouts are cheap as chips BTW...:p

27-05-2018, 04:27
No, there's nothing we can do about SMS's boneheaded decision to drop full rooms off the lobby list

Oh....and closed...