View Full Version : Watching all F1 seasons since 1964 and aplying some testing with PCars2

01-06-2018, 19:05
I have been watching during the last days all the seasons of formula since the year 1964.

You can view them here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWztBZAZEEYNui8lf8ydTPA
There you can find almost all the seasons of f1, reviews that last 1 to 2 hours each.

But what I would like to comment on is the following: It is really impressive the evolution of the F1 over the years, in a relatively short time. And the most impressive is how this evolution is passed to us through PCars2. I have been driving the 4 F1 Lotus that we have at our disposal, in PCars1 I never really managed to feel that evolution, only that I was driving a more capable F1, of course the differences in them implied that. Driving the Lotus 49 with Vintage tires in the historic SPA circuit is not bad at all, we must be very careful, I repeat very carefully with the cold tires, but once they reach the ideal temperature, they cling to the road with a certain safety , we just have to be careful at high speeds with the ripples on the track and fast corners become dangerous, the way of driving has to be different, swing the back a little just to point the front where we want. braking at a high speed, requires a soft foot :) and be careful to brake when the car is not straight. Moving to the Lotus 49C..with the same tires, now fast turns are much more easier, and that Pcars2 transmits so well, two identical cars with just one of them with wings, and the driving in each of them required, is different, the Lotus 49c already looks like a formula 1, and we notice that we can lean more on tires with the help of wings, I think the tires of both cars are the same. Also de FFB with vintage tires i think is spot on, the wheel feels lighter and the tires are always driving the wheel following the ripples in the track, you really feal that the tires are much more hard, so you feel much less grip.... Amazing

Sorry, I wanted to talk about the Lotus 72D, that i did find fantastic to drive with the new tires, but really amazing and scary at the same time with the Vintage tires. If you didnīt tried before the vintage tires, tried them with the 72c Lotus, and in SPA, with the default loose setup. they are not that bad, they just follow the road imperfection and that at high speed can induce an error, our correction creates the problem, we just have to believe that the car goes where we lead it, and of course the lateral grip is much less than with the new tires. in the last turn at the historic spa, when you get out and floor the gas, you really feel the tires sliding even in third gear, this with the car pointing straight :), i cannot feel the same with the new tires in any car, not the same, a similar one but not so intense.

01-06-2018, 23:43
very cool post. Will have to try!