View Full Version : [BUG] Sound implementation bug

05-06-2018, 12:41
System is PS4 Pro - HDMI out to Marantz Surround Sound Processor to Power Amps to 5.1 speaker system.

Test is Sauber C9 on Nurgburgring GP, Clean install of PC1 and PC2 - all settings in both game default

Fire up PC1 and quick practice Sauber and car growls and roars as it goes round the track. Nice deep sound from V8, brilliant.

Fire up PC2 and quick practice Sauber and car sounds like a hair dryer - lot of sound but all higher up the frequency range, no bass at all. Make adjustment to LFE level in Audio settings from default to 100 and retest - sound is identical to LFE level at default.

This bug has always been in PC2. It ruins the experience for me. I should point out that it is not car specific as all cars have pretty much high frequency sounds only.

From the outside I would guess that the LFE channel is not working in PC2. All my other games are like PC1 - full rounded sound.

If any of the team live near Dorset UK I am very happy to demonstrate.

I am not sure why this has not been picked up by the developers.

Please help as I would like to seriously use PC2 but PC1 sounds sooooooo much better it is a better experience for me at the moment.


06-06-2018, 13:02
Your hairdryer may be faulty.