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05-06-2018, 14:04
It seems that since patch 6 the game is no more able to load modded cars, i understand that project cars offers no official modding support, but i think that the cars that some modders have accomplished to get in game are really great, so i wonder if the devs could somehow get them working again.
From what i read it seems that the problem is with the game no more being able to load custom VDFM files for the new cars.

I understand that it was probably to try to prevent cheating, but during my online races i never encountered any obvious cheater around..

05-06-2018, 14:13
pretty sure you need to wait a few days for the updated bootfiles from the modding wizards

Mike Scott
05-06-2018, 14:32
hotak is right.
It's not the matter of new loose bootfiles cause we already have those. It's that as soon as we place new vdfm's (e.g. even renamed copies of existing cars' vdfms) the addon cars load with total damage. Modifying vdfm's further to put addon cars on discreet physics (of course using exciting cars' tires) crashes the game.
I'd really appreciate a sliver of feedback on what's been changed and perhaps how to adjust to it. We never asked for any form of support for modding and we appreciate that you guys don't condone it, but please let us continue with our hobby and do not shut us down.
Mike /gvse

05-06-2018, 17:31
Good luck getting a response from SMS lol

Mike Scott
05-06-2018, 21:08
well, all is good now.
Turns out it's a change in VDFM format, and we just need to follow the new pattern.