View Full Version : LMP1 2016 Pace Disadvantage to 2014 LMP1

06-06-2018, 16:40
Seeing as many people are complaining about the new LMP1 car's lack of pace in comparison to the 2014 cars, I decided to test the two and see where the lack of pace is coming from. I took the Toyota TS040 and 050 to the silverstone gp circuit in time trial. What i observed was the older car being an absolute rocket out of the corners, but lacking downforce; hindering it's cornering ability. The top speeds were similar so no advantage there, but the TS040 was able to reach it's top speed quicker gaining a lot of time. I also noticed that it was able to harvest a lot more energy under braking in comparison to the new car. Overall, I was able to keep up with myself here but I should've been faster than or at least matching the older car.

06-06-2018, 16:50
The 2014 car is entirely to fast in game and not the best represented (IMO). Said it yesterday but there is little point in comparing the two LMP classes. Really any TT time in LMP or endurance type cars. Three new cars, new class, treat them as such.

Anyhow, top times are getting close. Give the new cars the weekend, times will drop.

06-06-2018, 16:59
Yeah, I was running a TT setup on the TS040 which would obviously be much better and suited to the track than the default I ran on the TS050. I don't think it should be this drastic of a difference (I was off about 1 second). You also can't tune the power of the hybrid system so it's immense power on corner exit should be nerfed or the new cars should get better power from the hybrid system. Other than that, the cars seem balanced as you'd expect.

06-06-2018, 18:17
Over 1 lap 2014 is quicker over 5000 2016 is quicker.