View Full Version : Who can help with car setup?

Harry Pitstop
09-06-2018, 21:06
Im playing around with the Formula X car, and must admit I need some help tweaking the tuning setup.

Can anyone point me to a novices guide which explains the benefits of the basics, a step above the race engineer's offerings?

09-06-2018, 22:46
Have a look here :


10-06-2018, 01:49
Thank you for that Konan. Very helpful for me!

Harry Pitstop
10-06-2018, 20:09
Have a look here :

http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?55787-THE-INSIDER-S-GUIDE-Weekly-In-game-Guide-by-Yorkie065Fantastic, thanks Konan :D

10-06-2018, 21:09
You're welcome guys :cool:

A helpful tip for the future:

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-click on the section you want and you will see all the stickies first...these usually contain most of what you are looking for.
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