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donkey racer
11-06-2018, 16:11
hi is there a way to start a race in daylight then into darkness then back to daylight in a 30 minute race ?
any help will be appreiciatated

11-06-2018, 16:11
Try out the max time progressions setting - 60x times maybe?

11-06-2018, 16:18
Start around 4pm as well.

donkey racer
11-06-2018, 16:34
thanks ill give a go later

16-06-2018, 17:09
I do this all the time. 60X means minutes equals hours. If correct, this means 30X is two minutes per hour.

I love learning a car and track by starting at noon, getting my rhythm right in daylight, then you quickly find out if you have it memorized as you go through dusk into night, then enjoy the dawn and brighter conditions to finish the race. A 40 min race starting at noon at 30X will get you an early morning finish.

Try starting at the rear, let the pack get away from you, concentrate on working your speed up, then work your way through them to battle the lead cars in the morning hours. Brilliant!

19-06-2018, 23:38
Definitely giving this a go!

20-06-2018, 07:16
My personal recipe for a quick Le Mans experience:

Track: Le Mans (obviously)
Race length: 10 laps
Mandatory pit stop: On
Start type: Rolling
Classes: LMP1 2016, LMP2, GTE
Time progression: 40x
Date: June 16th 2018
Start: 15:00
4 weather slots: Light cloud, medium cloud, fog, clear
Weather progression: Sync to race
You can add some light rain if you want for an extra challenge. Just don't use the heavier rain conditions

That's Le Mans 24h for ya, compressed into 35mins (+pre race sessions if you want)!

26-06-2018, 00:43
The basic math I use is 1 hour would need x24 of time,(x25 suffices as closest option) start from there and if you estimate the race or session to be ~30 mins. Then setting the time to x50 would be a close time, just over 24 hours time progression. I just use that simple formula of 1 hour to x25 time progression for a full day-night cycle and adjust for each individual race time from there. The Daytona roval and it’s speedway lights, is a great place to practice different time progression settings. Especially if people in the lobby don’t have headlights mapped, or damage is on and you make front-end contact. A busted headlight is a nightmare at Le Mans in the dark!