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13-06-2018, 07:48

I tried to search the whole forum regarding this issue but I was not able to find anything unfortunately...

I have a t300rs wheel and I play on PS4-PRO.

I really like the feel of "immersive" ffb flavor. I find it just "better" than raw (which I have used for several months), but I face a very strange behavior that I cannot understand and ruins the magic.

Test setup --> Huracan GT3, default loose setup, Spa GP, TT.
FFB --> Immersive (75, 50, 50, 50)

I really love how the steering "pulls" when cutting on kerbs at the chicane, bu tthe problem happens at "bruxelles" and "campus".
At the corner exit, when the front wheels re-gain complete grip and I start pushing the throttle (so when there is the switch between slight understeer to slight oversteer), there is a moment (about 0.2, 0.3s) in which the steering wheel suddenly looses ALL the weight (due to side load Fy and Mz) and therefore it gets snapped about 90 towards the corner inside.
From my point of view it si really irrealistic, and I was not able to understand what kind of "force" is triggering this, and how to get rid of this.

With "informative" or "raw" it does not happen at all.
But I really love the feeling given by "informative", besides this "glitch".

Do you know what could it be and how I could make this better? (unfortunately I cannot use "custom ffb files" since I am on PS4....maybe is it the "anti-jolt"?)

I write here because I think this issue is cross-platform (in case it's not, feel free to move the thread to other folders).

13-06-2018, 10:21
Immersive is the flavour that contains the least amount of easily digested info, very much so on a low torque wheel such as yours. I call this 'arcade'.

Immersive is transmitted with many sop ( seat of the pants) forces included. It adds some of the drama you would feel in a real car by leveraging the wheel to communicate the g forces your body would feel in a real but this can swamp the subtle grip and slip forces that help you drive.

Informative is similar to raw with suspension and tyre forces communicated primarily. This flav has a compressor on it that keeps all the forces closer in size so works well on a low torque wheel and will require little adjustment for different cars. SOP is lower at low tone.

Raw is just suspension and tyre forces with no compression and subtle sop forces that scale with the tone setting. I find this is best for me with the most detail. On a low torque wheel like your's or mine you may like to adjust the volume for some cars as they can feel too light or too heavy and clip.

The feeling of ' snapping over' that you describe is normal but will feel more pronounced in the immersive flav.

13-06-2018, 10:40
Thanks for the reply!

I used to run Raw 75-70-30-0, but then when I tried immersive yesterday (before spotting the snap issue) I liked it a lot, mainly because of the steering "firmness" and the mid-turn grip change feeling (slight understeer then oversteer etc.), but that snapping non-sense ruined it.
That feeling is perfectly described by "arcade" as you said.

When I'll get back home I'll give "informative" a shot.
I am more and more convinced that raw with a very-low-tone setup is what I am looking for.

I saw that also your ffb profile is raw low-tone.

13-06-2018, 10:54
Compared to immersive and informative raw can feel a bit feeble at times on a low torque wheel but I found that once I adjusted I was faster.

You can add more sop type feeling by increasing the tone, also making the wheel heavier but this will begin to dull subtle forces at higher settings. You may need to decrease vol as you increase tone in raw to avoid clipping.