View Full Version : HUD-Widget partly not working

14-06-2018, 08:49

Since the last patch the "Distance Widget", well this one


doesnt always show the time!

We've had a race last week Tuesday and the time wasnt shown. Next race last friday and the time was shown, some practice on monday, time was shown, race on tuesday, time wasnt shown on my side and also wasnt show at a friends client, other guys had the time displayed. So its completely random and not track related.

And to quote something from the "Unofficial issue list [Post Patch 5.0]"

There is something wrong with the setups, temps or livetrack... that is causing all this issues.
Imho this still isnt solved!

I couldnt finish the last race at Le Mans (24h), because my car was like driving on ice during the race. No grip at all and constant brake oversteer, though both my tire pressure and my brake temperatures were exactly within my personal planned and practiced window. I was fighting the car for half an hour before I gave up. I could have lived with the no grip and power oversteer problem, I just had to adjust my throttle. But the constant and permanent brake oversteer was impossible to handle, even after I've started to brake around 30-40 metres before my usual braking points.

Car was the 911 RSR, and I've used 100% brake pressure. And Yes, I know this car has no ABS and locking up the brakes is quiet easy. But I've practiced dozens of laps over the weekend, with absolutely the same setup, time and wheather slots, and the car did exactly what I've wanted him to do. Even during practice before that race the car was perfect. But as soon as the race had started, I had a completely different car. It was sliding in every corner, power oversteer after the chicaned and brake oversteer whenever I've touched the brake pedal. I even changed my brake balance from 54/46 to 60/40, I could feel my front tires locking and I still had brake oversteer.

For me personally it felt like my differential is completely messed up, though every other part of my setup seemed to be right, e.g. tire pressure, aero and gearing. Everyone of my pals was able to race within two seconds of his practice times throughout the entire race, I was constanly between five and ten seconds slower.

I dunno if something messed with my setup, livetrack didnt like me or something was messing with my tires. Yeah, the tires! I was running the hard ones, with a pressure between 1.80 and 1.85 bar all the time. Temperatures were between 60 and 75C during practice, during the race they've only reached between 40 and 60C, though they were green within the HUD.

This had happened to me once before during a race at the Nords. My car was driving like a bag of potatoes, after I've pitted early and changed the tires - same combound and same pressure - all was fine. So imho there is another random bug with the tires.

Some weeks ago I've reported something similar with the rain tires, which had dropping (!) instead of increasing temperatures at Zolder after the track started to get dry. Maybe its related, maybe not, but for sure something isnt like it should be.